Do you need a clamping of a bar, hexagon, square or a special shape with circumferential run-out or change-over accuracy within 0,010 mm? Use Hainbuch workholding technology with or without the axial draw force against the end-stop. Clamping by hydraulic cyinder or manual clamping.

SPANNTOP clamping heads


Adapters - clamping from the outside, from the inside or in front of the chuck

Jaw Adapter
 - the possible clamping diameter is doubled, drill or mill in between the jaws, adjustable jaws 

Special Chucks

Shaft Chuck - clamping in a collet

Eccentric Chuck - offset clamping

Talement - clamping of thin-walled work pieces

Quadrok - clamping of square workpieces

Centrex - bayonet joint assembly on a spindle

Captex - quick change-over to other clamping system (40 sec.) on a spindle by just one screw




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Hainbuch - Workholding Technology



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