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Vaccum Distillation

One of today’s fundamental problems is undoubtedly scarcity of drinking water. To solve this problem, we have developed a new-generation innovative technology that works on the principles of vacuum distillation to obtain drinking water from seawater or other saline water, e.g., in lakes, or contaminated with certain inorganic substances. The priority is production of perfect drinking water in an environmentally friendly way.

TMC has developed and is still advancing a new generation of technology for production of high-purity drinking water using vacuum distillation from seawater and other mineralized water, which:


  • Enables production of high-quality “first water” with a measurable value of 1 ppm (part per million), meaning one-millionth of dissolved solids. In contrast, a competing method such as reverse osmosis (RO) produces water typically 300-600 times worse in terms of salt contents;
  • Reduces pressure inside the equipment, leading to a considerable reduction in the water boiling point, lowering the energy consumption and costs of the produced fresh water;
  • Is unique particularly for its high efficiency, up to 20% higher than competing technologies based on similar principles;
  • Enables autonomous functioning, i.e., deployment in areas with no available infrastructure, and can work, e.g., only using solar energy, such as on islands without infrastructure or in desert areas;

Simplified technology diagram

Evaporator for Vaccum Distillation of Sea Water